Takeoff, A Rocket In The Universe Makes His Return To The Essence

The Young King gets a send-off worthy of royalty. With heavy hearts and glassy eyes, the hip-hop community says goodbye to one of their brightest shining lights today. Takeoff, one-third of the hip-hop supergroup Migos, will have a massive homegoing celebration in his hometown of Atlanta. 

Fellow music icons and fans alike will fill ATL’s State Farm Arena, a place where Migoshave performed and attended Atlanta Hawks games, today to celebrate the late rapper’s memory. 

A wake was held Thursday evening for close family and friends. Takeoff was just 28 years old and died in a catastrophic chain of events just a few days ago. Around 2:30 AM, Takeoff was shot multiple times, reportedly in the head and torso.

According to reports, Takeoff and his real-life uncle, Migos member Quavo were attending a private party at 810 Bowling and Billiards Houston. 

In the aftermath of a dice game, a heated exchange of words took place between  Quavo and an unidentified man. Shots rang out moments later and Takeoff, born, Kirshnik Khari Ball, was struck and killed.

Police are investigating the incident, however, footage of some of the tragic incident has found its way to media outlets and social media. We can see some of Quavo’s verbal altercation, but from there you just see indistinguishable bodies moving and hear gunfire. 

Migos have reigned as rap’s top group for a number of years with an endless flurry of hits and well over a billion music streams. They became a constant on the music circuit and their rapid rap flow has influenced a generation of MCs. Migos are this generation’s version of Run D.M.C. Eerily enough, Takeoff’s quietness yet impact on the group is reminiscent of Jam Master Jay. They’ve been a staple on the hip-hop festival circuit, regularly performing in front of 50,000 people several times a year. 

Migos have been so impactful, the outpouring for Takeoff has been massive with seemingly the entire hip-hop community devastated by the loss. Especially in the wake of the PNB Rock’s murder.

Takeoff’s death was senseless and avoidable and his death by gun violence hurts even more because he’s always been known as a quiet and humble guy outside of the recording booth and offstage. His peers and fans have been vocal with their outrage and anger on social media and in interviews. 

As we mourn the loss of arguably a member of the face of hip-hop, let us put an end to the senseless black crime that continues to plague our communities. We thank you for all of the memories and will celebrate you forever, Take.

Much blessings to you on your journey to the higher power, Rocket.


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