Marlon Wayans Talks New HBO Special ‘God Loves Me,” Chris Rock And Will Smith Relationship And ‘AIR’ Film

In the entertainment industry, versatility is key, and few embody that trait more than Marlon Wayans. An accomplished actor, producer, comedian, writer, and director, Wayans has made a significant impact in both film and television. With his movies grossing over $736 million domestically and $1 billion globally, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Shaheem Reid of the Polaris Channel recently had the pleasure of interviewing Marlon Wayans about his HBO Max special “God Loves Me,” his journey and what lies ahead.

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In his conversation with Reid, Wayans delved into his comprehensive deal with HBO Max, which includes developing a pilot for “Book of Marlon,” performing a stand-up special, and hosting a multi-act event. His HBO Max stand-up special, “Marlon Wayans: God Loves Me,” is currently available for streaming.

“That’s why I named the special ‘God Loves Me.’ Because he doesn’t just love me, he loves every individual. 

Wayans spoke about his respective relationships with Rock, Will Smith and Jada.

“I’m not trying to hurt anybody’s feelings” said Wayans. “God Loves Me” is about the slap that happened at the Oscars last year and how it affected me and what I thought about it. Jada, Will and Chris are all my friends. But that don’t mean I don’t have an opinion about it. I’m coming respectfully and it’s with love. But, there’s a lot of funny s–t along the way. And so if I didn’t tell the truth and through my lens then it wouldn’t be special. But to navigate that and having the balls to do it, i;m not asking for their approval. But I do hope they enjoy it because it’s made with love. But if they don;t I don;t know what to tell them it’s my experience.”

Journey to Stardom

Marlon Wayans, a member of the famous Wayans family, has been in the limelight for decades. From his early roles in films such as “Mo’ Money” and “Above the Rim” to his breakout performances in “Scary Movie” and “White Chicks,” Wayans has consistently showcased his ability to make audiences laugh and keep them engaged.

In the interview with Shaheem Reid, Wayans reminisces about his early career and shares how he developed his unique comedic style. He emphasizes the importance of constantly honing his craft and collaborating with his talented siblings, who have helped shape his career.

Recent Successes

In recent years, Wayans has enjoyed immense success with projects like his first-ever stand-up special, “Woke-ish,” which premiered on Netflix in February 2018. The special received rave reviews and solidified his position as a leading stand-up comedian. He has since been selling out shows nationwide and adding performances to his schedule.

One of Wayans’ most recent acting credits includes his role in the upcoming film “AIR,” directed by Ben Affleck and starring Matt Damon marketing guru Sonny Vaccaro who created the legendary show around then rookie basketball phenomenon Michael Jordan. 

At a recent premiere for “AIR: at the 2023 SXS Festival Affleck spoke about Jordan’ giving him his blessing and some strong suggestions. 

“I got the script and then had the chance again to talk to Michael. Michael Jordan, for those of you who don’t know, is one of the most intimidating, impressive men you’ll ever see in your life,” Affleck said. “He told me about is father. And then he talked about his mother. It was the first time I saw this look cross his face. It was a look of reverence, of awe, of love, and gratitude, and innocence. He said, ‘None of this would have ever happened without my mother.’ I said, ‘Who would you like to play your mom?’ He said, ‘Well, it has to be Viola Davis.”

“AIR” is out in theaters on April 5th. 

Wayans “God Loves Me” special is now available on HBO MAX.

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