Alhassan Touré: Celebrity Designer

The culture of hip-hop has long been identified by the elite foundation fueled by money and fashion. From the dookie gold chains down to Dapper Dan Gucci leather bomber jackets, hip-hop was more than just music, it was about being fly. Fashion icons from Dap to 5001 Flavors, even the mighty Shirt Kings were an important part of ushering in culture. Some of these talented Icons served as visionaries for many acts including Run DMC, LL Cool J, and even athletes including boxing champ Mike Tyson. One name that sits at the top of the list as a fashion icon is none other than Alhassan Touré, also known as “The Leather King.” Touré made his waves in the game working with the best of the best. Just to name a few, his good friend Raekwon The Chef, Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Nicki Minaj a very young Teyana Taylor, and just about any hip-hop star touting that mean leather fit at their shows and music videos. Touré, a native of Ghana has also launched his own line, Touré Designs, which pays homage to his homeland. Touré is also working on an official documentary that outlines his roots in Ghana where he’s currently building a home for his family. “The logo represents Africa,” Touré tells POLARIS. “A representative of farmers’ life in Africa. They have been with the farm like Gazelle. Gazelle is the number one animal in Africa that supports farmers” says Touré, donning his own line with a design of a Gazelle. “Even in Mali, their passport has a design of a Gazelle. The reason why I have my clothing line, working with celebrities is really good, pays off, but you need something that lasts forever.” The fashion maven introduces his 2-part series, “Alhassan Touré: The Essence” on POLARIS, the new black-owned television network. For the complete series tune into VIZO Watchfree+, channel 700 to watch. Touré breaks down his journey from his days as a young boy in Mali to the epic transition as one the finest celebrity designers working with the biggest names in the music industry since it’s creation.
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